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Join our community of hosts offering unique online experiences, whilst changing the world for the better.
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At Fild, we believe that people from all walks of life deserve a platform to pursue their passion, and earn a living from it.

How to become a host

Step 1: Create your experience

Decide upon your idea, and create an experience that you think other people would like to join.
A person interested in pursuing their passion through Fild

Step 2: Complete our application form

Pitch it to us through our simple online application process! If we like it, we will contact you to learn more.
A person applying to become a host with Fild

Step 3: Start hosting your experience

Once approved, you are ready to begin hosting. We'll take care of onboarding and continue to provide you personalised support throughout.

A joyful person hosting with Fild
All applications are generally processed within 48 hours.

Why host with us


You are in full control of your hosting experience: style, availability and pricing

Earn money

Easily keep track of income made through our platform and get paid online

Help others

For every booking made through us, Fild will donate 25% of all profits to selected charity partners


Why should I join today?

By joining today, you'll get early access to perks and discounts and have a unique opportunity to shape our platform for hosts around the world.

What do I need to start hosting?

With an online experience, start up costs are often considerably lower than the in-person equivalent. As a minimum, you will require a camera (phone, tablet, or laptop) and a good internet connection.

What are your fees?

We charge a flat 20% fee for every purchase made through our platform. That means 80% of all proceed will go directly to you, the host. Our fees help us keep the platform running and make good with our promise to donate 25% of our profits to selected charity partners.

How do I host an online experience?

We use Zoom as our partner of choice. No subscriptions required. Don't worry if this is your first time, we're on hand to help get you set up.