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BuckBuck Games
United Kingdom

What we'll be doing

From the creator of the multi-award-winning show ‘MMORPG’ and 'KNIGHTMARE LIVE' comes an all-new team adventure. 

Take on a perilous quest that promises to be as outrageous as your minds allow!

Meet your live host, choose bizarre heroic attributes, gather peculiar provisions, and prepare to embark on a ludicrously fantastical experience. 

In this realm, you can be the hero you've always wanted to be, even if that is a warrior with deadly toaster hands!

What you need to know

How it works

Pick from a choice of story paths to venture through…

The Rescue You and your team of adventurers uncover an assassination plot against a local diplomat. You must rescue them before it's too late!

The Heist You and your gang of criminals land the score of a lifetime. Steal the most famous painting in the world. Rumours of it being cursed are surely just that, rumours!

The Haunted House A local town is being terrorised by an unseen dread. Strange occurrences, innocents going missing and a populous driven mad. It's probably not monsters but on the hill lies an abandoned old house where no one dares tread!

Your game will be totally customised for you, feel free to get in touch with any pre-game briefings or questions which will help us provide your ideal game.

Meet your host

BuckBuck Games

The team at BuckBuck Games have been designing and running unique immersive experiences since 2014.

Whether you’re someone with an instinct to solve some puzzles, or you’re a full-on Goonie, we have the game for you!

Our storywriters, actors, puzzle designers, model makers and art directors all work toward that one goal...

The FUN. 

The whole FUN. 

And nothing but the FUN.


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