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Enjoy ORIGAMI with a Tokyo local

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What we'll be doing

You can't get the same experience on YouTube tutorials because Manami shares not only how to make Origami, but also its history as well as Japanese culture and values behind the shapes.

You will choose a few Origami from options with different skill levels.

Manami will demonstrate folding step by step, emphasising important skills. If anyone has questions or requests, she can stop to help anytime.

  1. Manami introduces herself and the session
  2. Manami asks one guest to introduce the group
  3. Manami explains the options and confirm with the group which ones to fold
  4. Manami demonstrates folding each origami step by step with her second camera showing her hands spotlighted
  5. For traditional options, Manami talks about their background and related cultural stories
  6. You can ask any questions or make comments during or after the session

Precision and dexterousness that are required to fold a piece of paper is CONCENTRATING as well as THERAPEUTIC.

This experience provides you time to relax and share a common creative experience with people who you care. And you will create cool or lovely shapes by yourself.

What you need to know

Additional Notes:

  • If the group is more than 8 people, the host will share the Origami options in advance and will ask the group to choose 3 Origami that they would like to make at the session.

Meet your host

Manami Watanabe

Manami acquired B.A. from Keio University, M.A. and Ph.D. from University of Tsukuba. Her academic speciality is cultural heritage studies. 

She loves Japanese traditional culture a lot and runs her own corporation, which aims to share it with people from other cultures. She has been teaching origami online to people from different backgrounds since May 2020. She is also Japanese language instructor and currently preparing online guided tours in Tokyo as well.

Manami started learning origami from her mother when she was 3 years old. Her origami experience is about more than learning skills. She loves to share the stories behind traditional origami and teach about Japanese traditional culture and values.

She speaks almost fluent (TOEFL 111) English and intermediate German. She studied for one year in Germany and did an internship in Switzerland for half a year. She likes travelling, visiting temples/shrines, learning languages and discussing cultural differences. 


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