Our impact

Informal Settlement, Slum

We believe digital equality should be a basic human right. That is why we have partnered with incredible charities and businesses that help younger generations in low-income countries get online and access to critical digital education so they too can participate in the experiences economy.

Our Social Impact Goals

Internet Access for All
Bring affordable internet access to rural communities
Digital Literacy
Improve digital literacy standards amongst children in rural communities
Kenya Homeless Children
Create economic opportunities for underrepresented groups

Our Partners

We have partnered with some incredible charities and businesses to help us realise our ambition of creating a future where experiencing the untapped corners of the Earth is accessible and affordable for all.

Charity Connect


Charity Connect are a community of genuine, personally vetted charitable initiatives, who are carrying out real grassroots efforts to alleviate hunger and hardship within disadvantaged communities.

Projects we are supporting

Smallest Library in Africa, Kenya
Sacla Pesto UK


United Kingdom

Sacla' have been creating real Italian food, including their famous pesto and pasta sauces, with care, flair and love for more than three generations. The business is still owned and run by the same family by which it was founded, and few things matter more to them than the values at their heart. Of course, they treasure their past, but their focus is firmly on the future. Because the Sacla' family are determined in what they do, they hope to leave the world in a better shape than they found it, and positively transform the food lives of future generations.

Our partnership

Fild partnered with Sacla UK Ltd during the month of March 2021 to feed homeless children in Kenya. Since Covid-19 took hold, according to the World Bank, 100 million people have fallen below the $1.90 a day. Sadly, for millions of young people, coronavirus restrictions have made access to food, water and shelter even more precarious.

We are proud to announce that collectively we donated 250 nutritious and healthy meals.

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