Our mission

Our mission at Fild is simple. We want to deliver truly unique online experiences, whilst also giving back to communities who need our help.

At Fild, we believe that these experiences should captivate you and leave you wanting more. From learning how to paint, to cooking traditional and local dishes, to learning cultural music and dance – we believe that every single experience should be fun, engaging and, above all, something that you’ll truly cherish.

We aim to enrich both the lives of customers with our fabulous online experiences and the lives of communities in East Africa by promising a portion of the proceeds to them from the outset. With every experience that we deliver at Fild, we want to directly impact the life of someone who needs it. In practical terms, this means we promise to donate 25% of all profits to our selected charity partners. We are currently working with an amazing charity called Charity Connect, who are based in Nairobi Kenya.

Charity Connect are a community of genuine, personally vetted charitable initiatives, who are carrying out real grassroots efforts to alleviate hunger and hardship within disadvantaged communities in Nairobi, Kenya. They aim to identify and support initiatives that give back to the most vulnerable beneficiaries. What makes Charity Connect unique is that they believe that trust is the key to making genuine impact, and so they only support those who have been personally vetted by Charity Connect, and that they know are making a true difference. This means that you can be safe in the knowledge that all donations that Fild make are truly to those less fortunate and who really do need our help.

Together we can improve the world one person at a time.